Duquesne City Match

Last week the Duquesne Dukes took on a city foe Carnegie Mellon. Since the Match was played at CMU’s home courts, the Dukes played under division three rules. In the Dukes first outdoor match of the year, they came out flat against a solid CMU “It’s hard playing Carnegie because they have so much depth.” Said Coach Camillo.
The Dukes dropped all three doubles matches; Since the match was played under division three rules, the Dukes started off down 3-0. Senior Co-Captain Ben Klaas had this to say about doubles “When you start down three zero, it’s very difficult to take five of six singles matches and secure the win.” With sophomore standout Alex Aleman sick with the flu, the Dukes had to make some changes to line up. Harry Walshe the freshman from Ireland took his spot at the number one spot, falling 8-4 to a tough Carnegie number one team.
In singles play the Dukes came out firing taking quick wins at the #1 and 5 spot. Freshman Harry Walshe secured his first ever win at number five singles against CMU’s Harsha Raou in the strait set victory. Shortly after the 1 and 5 were finished, Ben Klaas fell to CMU in the number six spot. The Dukes Peter Carpenter responded with a strait set win at number two over Duke Miller of CMU. With matches still being played on the third and fourth court, it was a must win situation for both of the standing Duquesne players. Corey Robinson was first to fall at number 3, followed by Max Rubin at number four losing in a third set tiebreak. The final score Carnegie Mellon 6, Duquesne 3 “It was a really hard loss to take. There are a million excuses we could make for this loss but with it all said and done, we just didn’t come prepared to win today.” The dukes will face Youngstown State next Tuesday as they look forward to the opportunity for redemption.

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