Draft Eligable Players DEFENSIVE ENDS!!!!

This week should be fun, because personally I think one of the hardest positions to judge is Defensive Ends.  Not only do great DE’s come from rounds all over, but they also go un-drafted and make careers in the NFL.  We are going to have some fun, and talk about some big football players, that like to get to the quarterback and ball carrier.

Bjoern Werner, 6-3, 266 lbs., Defensive End, Florida State

One of my favorite defensive prospects in the draft this year, Bjoern had a great season at Florida State this year.  You have to realize every team that have played against FSU this year gave extra blocking, and made game plans to stop Bjoern. He is big, strong, and has speed, and his extra blocking allowed for other people to have great years.  He still finished off with 13 sacks, and 42 tackles, 18 of which were for a loss.  He will be a first round stud, and will probably go top 5.  

Ezekiel Ansah, 6-5 274 lbs., Defensive End, BYU

He reminds me of Pierre-Paul from the Giants.  He is a freak athlete, that has tons of upside, but very little college experience.  That shows to have worked for the Giants with Pierre-Paul, and with Chandler Jones.  He has power, that combines with a speed that NFL teams love to use first round picks on.  His combine was great, and he can play in either the 3-4, or 4-3.  He will be a first round pick, and one of the top rushers in the league. PS he had an interception this year with tons of deflected passes, Sportscenter loves that huh?

Alex Okafor,  6-4 261 lbs., DE , Texas

He can change games with big defensive plays.  He is a productive pass rusher that gets to the quarterback, and if he doesn’t he makes them throw the ball sooner then they would have liked.  He suffered this year with the injury to Jeffcoat, but he still had a productive year.  Lane Johnson, of Oklahoma said that he is one of the best pass rushers he ever faced.  He will get to the Quarterback in the NFL, and probably be a 1 or 2 round pick.  He might even get a commercial with Geico?

Well next week we will have three more players, and after that we will have our linebackers.  Take it easy folks.  

-Philip Botti

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