NCAA Draft Eligible Players Preview Part DEUX of the dudes who run the ball

Welcome back ladies and gentleman, and thanks for returning to see my rant about players who I believe NFL teams will find great success with, or who might cause their fans to throw random objects at computers and televisions.  Lets start.

Montee Ball, 5-11 210 lbs., RB, Wisconsin

Monete Ball is just one of the great running back prospects that have come through Wisconsin.  The senior had a scare at the beginning of the season when he was attacked off the field in an incident which didn’t stop him from scoring 22 touchdowns this season.  People think he should have went out last year, but I dont believe he is a different player.  He carries the ball a lot on even though he has had some costly fumbles I think he will be reliable.  He sees holes and hits them, and runs with great balance and sees the field well.  He will be a later pick but teams will get a steal if and when they choose him.










Ray Graham, 5-9 195lbs., RB, Pittsburgh

Coming off of a knee injury, Ray managed to run for 1,024 yards and 11 touchdowns.  The numbers dont jump off of the page, but I think he still has some value in this years draft.  I dont think he will become the next Adrian Peterson, but I think he can be a good number two running back in this league.  He showed his worth in the Notre Dame game running for more than 170, and put up another 100 on Rutgers.  Look for him picked late, and look for him to stick around in the league for a while.

Ray Graham Ray Graham #1 of the Pittsburgh Panthers evades a tackle by Ramon Buchanan #45 of the Miami Hurricanes on September 23, 2010 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Kenjon Barner, 5-9 188lbs., RB, Oregon

Barner is fast, and his speed was well used at speedy Oregon   He was their featured back this year and ran for over 1,700 yards and 21 touchdowns.  He can also catch the ball, and get the tough yards after the catch.  I think his speed will transition well into the NFl, and I think he is a guy that can hit a hole and beat everyone on the field for 70 yards.  He may not be huge, and doesn’t take hits well, but I think he can be a solid steal for a team in the fourth or fifth round.

Kenjon Barner carrying football

Well this was a short one, and I think that running backs are the hardest to pick.  Lots of guys go un drafted and turn into studs.  So I may end up being completely wrong but its still fun.  Next week I will be looking at Receivers and hope you all tune in again.  Thanks. Philip Botti

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