Most Dominant Wrestler Award

The NCAA has released standings for the 2013 NCAA Most Dominant Wrestler Award and most falls and tech falls in Divisions I, II and III.  A minimum of 14 matches are required to be eligible for the Most Dominant Wrestler standings this week. That required match total will increase by one per week until 18 matches is reached. Athletes red shirting the 2013 season are not eligible for any of the award standings. In the Most Dominant Wrestler category, Ohio State’s Logan Stieber leads the standings for the second consecutive week in Division I with an average of 5.5714 points. The 133-pounder’s tally remains the highest mark across all divisions. Behind Stieber in Division I is Kent State’s Dustin Kilgore who rose from third to second in the standings with an average 5.069 clip. At 197 pounds, Kilgore leads all divisions in pins with 15 and holds a three-pin lead in Division I over Edinboro’s A.J. Schopp. On the heels of Schopp is 165-pounder Kyle Dake (Cornell) with 11 pins.

The Most Dominant Wrestler standings are calculated by adding the total number of points awarded through match results and dividing that number by the total number of matches wrestled. Points awarded per match are as follows:

Fall, forfeit, injury default or DQ = 6 points (-6 points for a loss)
Tech falls = 5 points (-5 points for a loss)
Major decision = 4 points (-4 points for a loss)
Decision = 3 points (-3 points for a loss)

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