The Girl That Never Was

Manti Te’o, Notre Dames linebacker, was in for a surprise earlier this month. On January 16th it came out that Te’o’s alleged girlfriend was indeed a fake. He and Lennay had met online. They spoke with one another, but had never physically met. The alleged girlfriend Lennay Kekua was a student at Stanford, and had supposedly suffered a car crash and died shortly after that of Lukemia. The ironic thing about her death was that she passed away just one day after Te’o lost his grandmother. After recieving anyomus email tips, reporters investigated and found out that her death was a hoax. The eventual conclusion was that she in fact did not exist. Notre Dame had adressed the issue and said that Manti was a victim of a mean hoax. What had led Notre Dame and Te’o to believe this was a scam was that on December 6 Te’o recieved a phone call from Lennay saying she was alive. However, he did not inform Notre Dame of this until December 26. Why wait so long? There was ongoing supision that he was involved with the hoax. He had told the media that he had lied about meeting her to his parents because he did not want to seem crazy for dating someone he had never met.

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