Opening weekend recap

The Dukes concluded their weekend with a heartbreaking 4-3 loss to Wright State of Dayton Ohio. Coach Camillo had this to say about the match against WSU “We came out and battled hard. We lost a tough doubles point which ended up being the deciding factor. We’re going to take this weekend as a learning experience and we are looking forward to battling James Madison next saturday.” Some highlight players from the WSU match were freshmen Corey Robinson and Harry Walshe (Who not so coincidentally happen to be roommates). These standout players were able to pull off crucial wins at the fourth and sixth position. Previous to the loss against WSU the Dukes were able to get passed Northern Kentucky with a 5-2 victory. The Dukes started the match on a positive note clinching the doubles point with wins at numbers two and three doubles,”we all came out with a positive attitude which in turn resulted in great success” said sophomore Alex Aleman. Doubles followed suite as the Dukes were able to win four out of six matches. Overall the weekend can be summarized as a great learning experience and phenomenal showing from freshman Corey Robinson and Harry Walshe.

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